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World War-X Closed Beta Test Ends
Dear Commanders,

The Stratagems II: World War-X beta test comes to an end on April 23, the servers have been brought offline for game release preparations. All beta accounts and characters information will be wiped. We would like to thank all commanders' participation and feedback. We are currently working on a more stable and improved version. Once it's ready, we will let you know.

Background Story:
A.D 2112: Earth is running out of resources. Tens of thousands of people have died as a result of resource shortages and climate change. The harsh environment has triggered a new world war.

After the UN is functionally terminated, countries and tribes have broken up and reunited into 4 unions. People from different factions live and fight against each other to seize limited resources and other necessary goods. They've developed massive deadly nuclear weapons based on the technology left behind by previous scientists, trying to kill off each other for their own survival. The war machine is unstoppable.

In the game, you are born weak, but you are ambitious. Your goal is to reunite the world and create a peaceful paradise for all mankind.

The only thing to stop a war is war itself. You have little strength. You will lose your home. All you can do is grab your weapons and fight. Can you make a miracle, reunite all mankind and rule this world? Time will tell.

WW-X Team
Machine Gunner
Tank Blaster
Rocket Launcher
Biochemical Robot
Armored Vehicle
Heavy Tank
Missile Vehicle
Atomic Tank
Armed Helicopter
Sonic Bomber
Stealth Fighter
Atomic Ship
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